Ecological Human

Ecology is the scientific study of ecosystems. Environmental balance of the various online dictionaries defined as "a State of dynamic equilibrium within a community of living organisms, the genetic diversity of species and ecosystems remain relatively stable, is subject to incremental changes through the natural heritage." and "balancing the number of each type of species ecosystem".

Save the important point is the natural balance of the ecosystem. To disturb this balance as a result of the introduction of new species, and the sudden death of some types of natural or man-made. This trip, we will examine how to affect the population and development ecological balance.

Take the time to explore this site as a world environment. This interesting articles, facts. There are features such as the timeline shows how environmental concerns different environment story.
Effects on the environment of war material moving attention to how to prepare for war and the war leading to environmental damage.

Carpet bombing of lush green forest-during the Vite Nam war, led to loss of Habitat for many species. Features of the population and the environment shows how the population rose from the industrial age, how it will affect the environment. There are additional resources to the upper levels.

The name of development, we remove the trees, vegetation change, how we use land, maintain the paved areas expands. All of these affect the environment not only on the ground, but also water balance. Urbanization also requires more water to feed the population and industry, which often requires digging deeper and deeper into the city or water to be delivered from.

Moderate single sidewalk not depreciation amount of water vapour, which shows itself again of the plant, but also contributes to groundwater pollution, if the salt used to melt the ice mzligt road on the natural water drainage.
Visit this site for a detailed review of water resource expensive, how they affect human development on water and ecosystem. It is dedicated to the water.

To understand how the population and increased development on the ecosystem worldwide. Armenia is an example of what's happening in the ecosystem due to the increase in population and development. 1000 years to increase the impact of man on Earth, mainly by deforestation, and increasing use of pastures.

These problems have increased in recent years, with unprecedented growth in population, urbanization since 1920, has led to increased human influence on the individual species, but also of all ecosystems. Read this article on this site, you can understand how consciousness can get along without controls on industrial development, urbanization for your region.

Pace development has led to several undesirable consequences. Get exotic species faster than they discover ancient ecosystems and disturbed both get our scientific explorations were destroyed. Learn amazing facts about the human impact on the ocean, toxins, and much more as this site environmental education on the World Wide web.

It is intended primarily for children, but a good read for features and materials for each class. There are also practical advice on what you can do to protect the environment and the ideas about how you can start a club in your neighborhood. Visit the resources contained in ecology and great pages to learn more about science.