Human Culture

There are a number of different meanings for the Word culture. For some, it refers to good literature, music, art and food. Biologist, it is likely that the bacteria or other micro-organisms in the colonies to grow nutrient medium in a laboratory dish. Anthropologists and other researchers in the behavioral, cultural, and samples of the entire region to learn about human behaviour. The term was first used in this way, the pioneer of the English anthropologist Edward Tylor in his book Primitive culture, b., published in 1871. Tylor is said to be the cultural "This complex whole which includes knowledge, belief, art, law, morals, custom, and any other capabilities and habits acquired by man as a member of the society." Of course, is not restricted to men. Women are, and you can also create. Tylor's time, the concept of culture became a major in anthropology.
Culture is a powerful tool for human survival, but is sensitive to the phenomenon. It is continuously variable and easily lost, since not only let. We have written in the language, Government, buildings and other man-made things are only cultural products. Does not, in itself, the culture. Because of this, archaeologists can dig in the culture is not directly in their Digs up. Broken pots and other items in the system, they reveal the ancient people are the only physical remains to match the culture--the things done, and the culture of knowledge and skills to use.

The cultural layers

Not very likely to be three layers or levels of culture, which are part of a learned behavior patterns and perceptions. The most obvious is the cultural traditions of a specific undertaking, which separated from the body. When people speak Italian, Samoa, or the Japanese culture, these relate to the language, traditions and beliefs set those Nations than others. In most cases, they, with their own culture is because they were acquired, as they were presented to the parents and other family members they have.

Culture, which may be part of your identity, the second layer is the subculture. Where people come from many different parts of the world of complex and diverse society often retain much of their original cultural traditions. For this reason, they are likely to be a new company as part of an identifiable subculture. The use of the Subcultures of cultural property shall be determined separately from the rest of the company. Examples of easily identifiable subcultures in the United States ethnic groups than the Vietnamese Americans, African Americans and Mexican Americans. Each of these subcultures members share a common identity, food traditions, dialect or language and other cultural assets, which come from their common Ancestral background and experience. The cultural differences between the members of the subculture and the dominant national culture could confuse and eventually disappear, cease to exist except in the case of the subculture is a group of people who require a common NSDAP. That is, in General, in the case of German Americans and Irish Americans in the United States today. Most of them identify themselves as Americans first. They also see themselves as part of the mainstream culture of the nation.

The third layer consists of the culture of the culture. This is a learned behaviour, all of humanity collectively. Regardless of where people live in the world in this universal properties. Examples of such a "culture of the people," features:
1. for the purposes of the oral language, which is composed of a limited number of sounds and the grammatical rules for constructing sentences contacts
2. age and sex of people (e.g., a teenager, senior citizen, woman, man) to sort the operating
3 people in the marriage and the birth of a relative of the classification criteria and refer to the
they are (for example, a wife, mother, uncle, cousin)
4. the regulation of children's family education
5. the sexual division of labour for the (for example, the work of the men's and women's work)
6. the data protection concept
7. When sexual activity regulation, rules
8. the good and the bad action separation
9. is a type of body decorations
10. do the jokes and games
11. in the arts
12. for the implementation of the community is a kind of a leading role in the decision
Although all cultures these and possibly many other universal features, different cultures have developed their own special ways to adopt or Express. For example, people often use the hands to subcultures of the deaf sign language instead of verbal language. However, the use of sign languages have grammatical rules than verbal comments.