Human Work and Family

Work and family life
Task parent often predatory, if you don't know how to cope as a professional, as well as the parent! Learn some easy tips on managing work and family life in this article, and loved as a parent and is considered a professional!
It was once a young man who could handle office and home together. He was plagued by the time they had to meet at work, and always saw her children only when they are asleep. He did not know what to do! One day, he visited the young man's father, the young man told his father about the issue. The father I had to smile and promised to bring a solution. The next day father showed that with a colorful coleus plant. The young man was embarrassing. The father said, "tomorrow when you leave for work, only to mention the newer coleus leaves and say," I leave my household, for now I am a man in the world ", when you return from work at night, the same position and say" coleus leaves back to my wife and children, allow to find them, and father, respectively, business life is not a man. "And as safe as the sun rises in the East and West, young regained balance in their lives.

If only everyone can find a coleus which! But the core of the story-the problem is a problem only up to tackles the problems! Here are some easy to follow tips for managing work and family life.

How to manage work and family life-5 practical tips

Issues such as how to manage work and family life, how to choose between work and family, it is always difficult to answer. The following tips, hopefully sorted.

# 1-not the original work
This is perhaps the most serious mistake man/woman can do as a partner, parent and family person-to bring work home. It is just off everything! Your spouse will not be satisfied with this; your children will lose his father, and heck; it is going to kill your sex life, too! On the other hand, if you are a woman, you are going to kill yourself by bringing work home! Your children need their mother, even if it is the CEO of the company really big and important. It is never a good idea to bring work home. The best thing to do if you have a work-in-progress is to arrive at the Office a bit early and leaves a little sooner, rather than perform the work at home. In this way, you can be there for your children and your partner when you are at home.

# 2-Don't do family problems to:
Just as it is important not to bring the original work, it is also important to leave the family problems and tensions at home, before you can switch to the premises of the office. Family problems to is totally unprofessional and prevent your achievement. If you plan to come to the Office and still be stuck in your child's home or bank loans for your home, your head may not want to. Furthermore, it is a blend of work and family life-Nah UH professional! Agreed, everyone is affected both by the family of problems, and there are people who can distinguish two simple and effective, but there is still that the unconscious workload do forever. The best way to handle this is to fully immerse yourself in the job at hand, so you can block than anything else that may prove as an eye-catching breaks down (or even unconscious).
# 3-two different phones
This is perhaps the best advice is never to use two different phones, one for your professional life, and one for the family and friends. Make sure you can exchange business number with relatives or friends and cannot exchange personal numbers with all the people in the field of employment. This allows you to choose the option that you want to be available for the time of day and what days of the week. At the same time, you can update, perhaps 2 or 3 of your closest family and closest colleagues of the two numbers, unless it is absolutely necessary to contact you. Mobile phone can be both a bane as a boon! It is in our hands to manage device instead of a technology will become slaves. Take responsibility, and to reverse things.

# 4-"Weekend" is "my n my family"
The holiday is once a week when you can be a family man/woman. Fetch an undoubtedly well-paid and relax. Does not attend work related calls. The Call of duty is not only professional but also personally. If you plan your work carefully, you will be able to meet all deadlines and stay with your family without having to feel guilty leaving the job Undone. It is only a matter of managing your time. If you cannot provide your family during the week, then segregate week days and weekends and two. It is a complete professional during the week, but when it comes to weekend, forgets your GM for your company, and that the children of father/mother, wants to show them your love and tenderness.