Human World Peace

If we listen to the radio this morning and read the newspaper or, as we face the same news: the disaster of war, violence and crime. One day, without the need for something awful, reported somewhere, cannot be undone. Although the modern times, it is clear that one precious life is not safe to do so. The former generation did not have the experience so much bad news, if we are today; It is constantly aware of the fear and tension should be sensitive and compassionate person in today's world is a serious development issue.

Serious problems ironically received more industrialised societies. Science and technology has done wonders in many areas, but the people in basic problems remain. This is an unprecedented number of public education does not show the skill yet must support goodness, but spiritual Consumption and discontent.There is no doubt that our considerable progress and technology, but somehow it wasn't enough, because we have not yet succeeded in peace and security field in order to overcome the suffering or happiness.

We will only lead to the conclusion that it is not something seriously wrong with our development, and if don't do it for the future of mankind in a timely manner may have devastating consequences. I'm not at all against the science and technology contribute to mankind; General experience immensely important to the well-being and our comfort and our understanding of the world we live in.But if we too much attention to science and technology, we have the risk of damage to human knowledge and understanding towards the aspects of the altruism and honesty.

In the event of the science and technology, although this might create a vast amount of material comfort, cannot replace the old spiritual and humanitarian values which are to a large extent, shape the world in all its forms, within the framework of the national civilization as we know today. Someone wants to prevent an unprecedented material benefits to science and technology, but our people making mistakes; We are still confronted with the same, if greater suffering, fear and tension. It is only logical to find a balance between, on the one hand, and on the other hand, human values and mental development, a significant development. We need to revitalize a substantial change in humanitarian values.

I'm sure that many people in my Union, my complaint, humanitarians and religious practitioners, which is also more concerned about our society and moral crisis, the mixing of the existence of the world, fair and equitable. I do not speak, or even Tibetan Buddhist. Nor do I speak as an expert in international politics (although I have to comment on the financial impact of these things).Instead, I'm just a man, as the humanitarian values that are of fundamental importance, not only in Mahayana Buddhism, but a great upholder, religious freedom, such as. From this perspective, which is shared with you my personal Outlook:

This is an important global problems, global humanitarianism;
Compassion is the world's peace, samba
All the world's religions is already the world's peace, so all the humanitarians, regardless of ideology;
Everyone has the overall responsibility to shape the institutions serve the needs of the people.