Human Love

What is the truth about your heart's plan and purpose for you?

It is true that, Yes, you always loved and cared for by a spirit radically. But it is equally true that you are responsible for your basic human needs, too. For example you have a need for food, love, shelter, partnerships and more. You have a clear role in this.

You're one of the founders with the spirit of this, just as you are in everything else. You are not alone in caring for it. But you are exempted from participation. It cannot be denied. It's true.

Remember this fundamental truth. You spirit here on Earth, that the human experience. You are the embodiment of your soul. And we have already explored in recent broadcasts, your soul chose here so that it is completely the truth about his divinity in the physical realm may suffer.

There are spiritual aspirations and demands of the worldly.

Final path that your soul again perfect communion with God. We discussed this recently broadcast online channeling. This spiritual path, to be sure. But it also means that you as a person, too. And because your our participates in the "way you walk" to provide limited prospects of your beliefs. Please bear in mind that your human I usually under the leadership of the you believe to be true during your spiritual, itself is more receptive to the truth.

You see, the real problem is. .. By joining this faith that after you walk the spiritual path, make sure that your human problems and just disappear, you can actually start to ignore our your worries and concern that it demands and legitimate from you.

You forgot the basics: what you are spiritual in the human experience, and that your man should question the same way as your core spiritual personality.

You deny that your human needs for good food, appropriate shelter, personal achievements and meaningful social interaction helps maintain a balanced life, because these things are going your physicality, and your spirituality.

You must remember that when you take your physicality that your spiritual aspirations with greater ease, can also be implemented. Yes, there is an important link between your physicality and your spirituality. If not, you probably do not exist here.

As you accept the connection between your physicality and your spirituality?For the first time, then our love and accept your own asking what you need to feel safe and in the world. You understand that created the basis for the European and the exchange of things spiritual value that you have in the world.

So honor your legitimate human needs. Take care of yourself. Ask yourself: what do you do that you haven't visited yet? Spend some time exploring it. I ask you to dramatic or sentimental about it. It's just about observation and explore what you are calling.

And remember that "should" and "poverty" is not the same. Poverty is the systematic lack of faith in that had no basis in reality. When you consistently identifies itself as needy, eventually you'll need your self-respect and undermine your self-confidence. Your needs, on the other hand, are negative.They are only part of the biological heritage. In addition when you meet your needs, contribute to your fundamental experience of well-being. Your needs, good food, appropriate shelter, loving relationships and effective implementation of personal autonomy within the framework of respect for, the joint meeting other people.

Your humanity and spirituality go together.

Your human needs are important because they are part of your earthly experience. Does not deny them, not hide from them. Instead, they give honor and the attention they deserve.

Dear friend, every aspect of your life is important. This is what a lot of the head, especially when they are more focused on the performance of their spiritual desires and intentions.

Please understand that you are unable to help yourself in your spiritual growth or help others if you don't care properly for the benefit of your physical life. So why not do it now? Understand that your physical needs as important as your spiritual aspirations. They walk hand in hand, just as you're here on Earth. So make sure you have the same value. Don't forget to take an active part in the creation of a balanced life for yourself at all levels, physical, emotional, mental, ... and spiritual level. All this makes your earthly experience. Before