Human Relations

Healthy Relationship
Relationships you see sunny days, as well as those filled with gloom. Here are some typical stages for a healthy relationship withstand the test of time.
Each relationship at different stages, although one hopes no end to the secret formula for the relationship between the work of the secret actually lies in the United States. Totally depends on our ability to deal with things, and things for the better. Excitement about universal love for all, but keep the relationship takes more effort than I could ever think of! Although there was stages can be expected in love, different health relationship much more than just being in love. Often confused, your relationship to or if you want to often and maintain a sound relationship, check out some steps to a healthy relationship below. This stage can help you to understand and overcome the deficiencies in your current relationship.

Attract your love

Okay, maybe this time the most popular and common to many of us. The feeling of falling in love and sleepless nights that follow are self-evident, you want to spend more time with each other. This time, which is used to create a better impression on the other. Flowers, candles, bags of chocolate and teddy bears ... Gift shops have never seen on cabinets, ringing, it wasn't crazy couples in love! Attract love in great style and it is clear that the beginning of the relationship and joy the adoption partner is something that cannot be described!

Emotional attachment to each other

It is possible but a healthy relationship when you feel a reciprocal attachment to each other. Emotionally attached is the basis of any relationship to this issue; this represents the basis for building the future together! This is the time when you could call perhaps individual hours. If the first person you gang up to express their happiness or participation in this sad moment. Emotionally attached to each other is one of the most important stages of a healthy relationship, it is time when you start also trust each other and trust each other, as well.

Physical intimacy

Let's face some physical intimacy level required for a sound relationship. Physical attraction to your partner an important and natural, until you get the same obsession. This is the period when you want to spend every waking hour with it, but learning to reduce feelings to a certain extent helps company formation is the basis for a healthy relationship. Physical attraction, based on your feelings of passion, rather than just passive gigs helps establish meaningful relationships, rather than just throwing. The intimate emotional relationship something, if you are looking for stability in relationships. Although not a physically attracted to your partner, let me know how to draw the line.

Promotion of friendship

When your partner as the best friend of one of the better conditions for a healthy relationship. Are friends with each other that will help bring you closer to, and also increase the element of trust between each other. Depending on your partner as a friend also thumbs. This means, have adopted him completely and the participation of a certain degree of maturity of each other.


After each initial euphoria, love comes at some point discover other shortcomings! Learn to deal with the shortcomings of your partner an important stage in a healthy relationship. Time, certain characteristics of a person are perhaps the only time flies by. Rage short problems relationship are some of the things that you may need to consider when you're in a relationship. Recognition is your partner areas problematic second important step must preserve a sound relationship. Enhance learning to deal with them and sort issues amicably only your relationship with others.

Maintaining individual identities

Regardless of the amount of compromise in the relationship, you retain your individuality, to some extent. Being a doormat is not helped any pair; in fact, the only things worse is usually for some. Get insider knowledge and contain the template yourself only better. At this stage, when that individual States, mutual respect, including you, will be a step in the right direction for each relationship.

The fastest way to end a friendship is easy to neglect it. Friends are rare gems of life, and they must keep intact, by to stay, spend time with each other, loyal and is a good listener, never betray the trust and respect other points of view. Support and encourage you, your friends and you praise for the benefits and rewards. They offer a shoulder when they need it. Mourn with them when they are sad and laugh with them when they are happy. Remember that old adage, "have a friend who only need friend?" It sounds clobbered, but it's true. You think only on which features and attributes that you want to find a friend and then focus on feed-these qualities in him. You will be glad that you do not.