Human Community

Communicates effectively
If you have an online community, you've got a bunch of work and are supplied in various ways: as a general rule, blog, Forum, newsletter, website, e-mail, email, comments, etc. What channels are the most effective way to find the image and use them. In many cases, these channels of communication are a unique way. Members of ways to interact with you and each other, closer to the open to all. JPG the strongest communication medium was the weekly newsletter. We are filled with content, that people wanted to see — in a beautiful photo of the week, challenge winners, upcoming deadlines, etc. — and an excellent response and click through rates. Users will see itself meant a lot or a peer and talents that helped make the emails successfully sent.

Yelp has invested in forum active users and often gets the word about parties or collecting information about future releases from there. These forums (Yelp talk) using Yelp users can gain access to each other, on a weekly and express themselves. Flickr: forums are not the subject and a newsletter. Instead, prominent characterize the excellent blog as their primary method of the connection. They include features such as q & a series, where everyone can find the following, which allows members of Flickr blog influence. Find out what is correct and that the objectives of the culture and place it in the community are amazing tools. These connections and the creation of the first stage is a lot.

To set a clear and specific expectations
Members are not mind readers, but who are interested, you will need to meet your needs. You have selected this as part of the community and its objectives are supported, but they must know what are these objectives. Put yourself in their shoes: should, rather, you start on a blank page, or type a number of questions within the field of knowledge? Advertising is auto-posting site for a custom print a beautiful hardcover books. They can only ask to download the PDF in your address book, but instead, they offer programs that will guide you through the process of closed every step. No possibility of confusion or to procrastination!

JPG will collect each issue photography related articles. For each article type Send page shows examples of previously published stories, separate requests for each piece, clear, and the number of areas in the word. Google "invoice examples" could, if you need to do it yourself, but the right to insert a .jpg file of examples on the page.

Another example comes from the Obama campaign: to encourage their supporters to take the initiative of local events with step-by-step, easy to follow "host Guide." More seriously, it should be quite shy about the party's Bank for your mobile phone or campaign, but an in-depth guide on the tasks of the campaign made approachable. Confidence can be simply an invitation to Motorola or create your own software for complex work. The expected result is simply share a better understanding of its members and give them the confidence to get started.

Audit assistants
Occurs at the level of communication with members of the defeated one too.Process as the most talented colleagues you could ever be and give them constructive feedback directly to the members of the star. Kilt can be without a lead or providing false hopes. This is the ratio, which may take more time than a website that support it, and both parties can learn from and enjoy.

The participants of the community to edit articles for the two years that I was able to reach an agreement on each of the authors. Had a huge impact on the way these active members talked about the experience your friends are sent and the likelihood of loyalty to the community. I said, he published, until I was completely sure that the participant is also ever. When I wrote about the extension of the idea, or the adoption of the amendments, I have always talked about how his "final" publication. A professional writer/photographer/what is likely to not tell all her friends, that he's going to be published/first floor/thing, but you may have. That passion is what makes work fun, but also means that the low sensitivity goes a long way to go.