Human Religious Harmony

I am very pleased to participate in the inter faith seminar on preservation and religious harmony, Co-existence and peace organized by the International Association for religious freedom (IARF), Asia group. Thank you very much of this century, the history of the Bar Association, the objectives and detailed explanation of their relevance. I have nothing to add to the speakers mentioned. But I would like to say a few things.

We are now in the twenty-first century. Both the quality of research in the physical world and reached quite high levels thanks to technology, and human intelligence, there is a huge step. However, some speakers, "said before, as well as many new problems in the world, most of which are man-made. Man-made the problem of trafficking in human beings is the root cause of their inability to control the minds of people upset. How to check, in the light of the various religions of the Member State has taught here in the world.

I'm a doctor, who observes the religious Buddhism. The world's great religions including Buddhism, iidset more than a thousand years. During those years was the world witnessed a lot of followers of various religions were also linked to the conflict. Religious qualifications, I acknowledge the fact that the various religions of the world has made a lot of solutions, how to check the agitated mind. In spite of me yet, not fully realise their potential and we can.

I always say that every person on this earth is in practice or practice does not believe in freedom. Therefore, the rights do one. But if you think it is extremely important to be able to focus your mind, and sincerely practice teachings in their daily lives. We all of us to indulge in religious favouritism by saying, "I belong to this or that religion", rather than to make a serious effort to control their agitated minds tend to appear. Abusing religion due to our disturbed minds, also sometimes creates problems.

I know that from the physicist from Chile who told me that it is not appropriate to be biased towards science and scientist, his love and passion. I am a Buddhist, a doctor and has a lot of faith and teachings of the Buddha. However, if I mix my love and in my view, must be attached to Buddhism shall be biased. Biased mind that never see the full image, cannot be understood without reference to reality. And any action that results in the Member State has not been set up in the light of developments. If this causes problems for many.

Buddhist philosophy of enlightened mind is the result of distorted of mind happiness caused suffering. It is very important. Distorted mind as opposed to the enlightened mind is one which does not conform with reality.

Before we are through our decision should be, including trafficking in human beings to act in this world, political, economic and religious activities in full. It is therefore very important to know the reasons. Any question, we should be able to see the full image. This allows us to understand the whole story. Based on the teachings of Buddhism and the feasibility of the proposed I think are very fruitful.

Today, many people of different religious backgrounds are here. Every religion is transcendent things that are beyond the control of the company and our speech. For example, God, Islam and Christianity, and that the concept of the wisdom of Buddhism are metaphysical truth body, which cannot be sold to us as a normal human. This is the common difficulties encountered in each religion. Each religion has taught ­ including Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism and Islam, that the ultimate truth is driven by faith.