Love is A Basic Need

The basic need of human love:
All of us is human basic need to feel loved and appreciated. One of the strong How does love to express, it is appropriate to the physical love. When children are Because this attachment is often feel more secure, and cost. When the members of the family  to get the affection of home economy often goes in search of him. And, of course, isusually someone, who gives the hoidettavaa of physical love. Unfortunately, it is almostalways have a negative impact on the protection of affection, which is inappropriate type.
Unfortunately, many of the difficulties is the love and affection. This issue is in particular fathers. Research, high school students had the following question: "how often does the father/mother love Show (kisses, hugs, etc.)? The results of this study were distorted. "Only 24% of the children's fathers showed his natural love on a daily basis. The mothers were better, but still only 49% of the daily gave a natural love for their children. " (The American youth research, 2001.)
Often this lack of affection is transferred to the next generation, which creates a vicious circle, which is very difficult to break. The power of love and affection I received from one of the participants after the presentation, the following note:
"I'm 80 years old, of good family, was born. My grandmother was the daughter of prominent Director, but never heard a word of love '. My mother was the second of eight children. I had three seconds. I saw my mother and my father's hug or kiss. He was brought up during the economic crisis. My father was a traveling travelling salesman. He signed his letters "much love", but it was the only time I have ever heard or read the word.
My mother died in 97. I went to her for the last seven years, every day. Never say "I love you" once and never told him. His mother never hugged or kissed me. I have kissed his last – for the first time. I have five sons and daughter of his mother. He is the only cuddle and kiss.
My husband was very hungry physical love – took his own life. All of this, I now understand that I am missing some physical love. He teaches on this message.Thank You! "
For the love he was hungry, this woman and her husband. The consequences of this House are very sad. When we read carefully, we see that this woman, who was not of affection from her, he gave his family. This short report we see that the lack of affection the tradition has been carried out at least four generations. I hope that his offspring would be able to loop and shows her affection for their children.
The members of this family, the physical consequences of love is a many. Of concern is the tendency for those who do not have the basic need of this people are sexually active in inappropriate ways.
13-year-old girl following declaration cooling: "when my father stopped me hanging, I decided to either tear a beautiful book gave me for Christmas, or can kill or may attempt to get someone else to hug," says Janie, thirteen, which had recently been his first sexual experience. "Finally, I decided to be friends."(Your child's gender is Flirting with you? Kathleen McCoy, reader's Digest, September 1989, p. 114). Why do you think that it embraced his father? This girl felt that his father had loved him, when he stopped on his arms around him.I have the feeling that he is presumed to have had a completely off base.
I have read the list of groups for parents and young people in the South of Janie-only a few years ago. After this interview, a beautiful young Teen girl came up to talk about. He said, "every night, because he was born, my father came to my room, and next to the bed and we talked with me. We laughed and relevant common experience together that night. Often counseled me and encouraged me to a good life. Before leaving, he hugged me, gave me a kiss and told me how much he loves me. " Then he said, "back to the last year, he came into my room and once even." I asked him how old he was. He replied that he was important to the 14. Then this young teen free porn, he said, "sometimes you just want to take him to a shirt and shake him and tell him that it is still necessary." This girl is in danger?