Human Friendship

As you friends and keep you

Have doubled a good friend, their joys and their sanctions in the middle.

Everyone has the people they come with in contact all day, and most of these people are simply known. Interact even if it repeats with a person for months or even years, can still stay only a known. Then one day, this knowledge can be seemingly overnight, and a friend. Friendship is not overnight developing; Piece for piece, it is usually care, listen, share, the adoption and promotion. Friendship - true friendship - is not easy and takes time and effort to create and maintain. But friends and keep one of the most beautiful treasures that are life to offer them has.

Build a friendship works the same for all ages. The first step is the idea of sharing their thoughts and feelings with someone else open. Self-disclosure and transparency are the key to creating a relationship with a person who can be converted into a friendship. Daunting it can be to check, open to someone else, but why he let the risk potential rejection, to keep the possibility of enriching their lives? If you something of themselves to someone else and they are receptive or not share change, must be regarded not as a rejection. You can have their own reasons for not reciprocate, or friends need more time to the idea of being warm to.

One of the most important references to build a strong friendship with someone else hears hear you - really - and see what they say. If someone tells you something that happened to them, is annoying or complains about a situation, they search only confirmation from someone who listen to them. Usually, they want not agreement; you want to hear. If someone has to speak, and want to strengthen their friendship, he must listen to so. Repeat what they say, if necessary, but not trying to change his mind or solve your problem, and above all, they know what to listen to them and confirm to make their point of view.

Attention to your friends is important to maintain and keep relationships healthy and strong. As a response to someone which means that you are completely focused on a person - the eyes, ears, his body language and their feelings focus intensively on this person. Not only are there physically is; there are emotional as well. It is important, in search of a person, while they are interacting with you guarantees which exist, and they have to say. React and to listen to your friends is their strong friendship.

Is one of the most important is one can speak friend components, and they show their thoughts and feelings. A friend opens a conversation with you; they expect Exchange of information in return. If a conversation is one-sided, the person who makes the conversation may have, as if the other person doesn't care about, what it is to say feeling. If you always play the role of listening to the talks, as a consultant or person of trust, but as a true friend can be actually. In unhealthy friendships the person who could speak her cross as conferences, is domineering or be to demand. Those who like the listener a consultant or worse still, a doormat. To speak with friends, make sure that the conversation is a two-way street. Good communication is an important basis of friendship.

The fastest way to end a friendship is easy to neglect it. Friends are rare gems of life, and they must keep intact, by to stay, spend time with each other, loyal and is a good listener, never betray the trust and respect other points of view. Support and encourage you, your friends and you praise for the benefits and rewards. They offer a shoulder when they need it. Mourn with them when they are sad and laugh with them when they are happy. Remember that old adage, "have a friend who only need friend?" It sounds clobbered, but it's true. You think only on which features and attributes that you want to find a friend and then focus on feed-these qualities in him. You will be glad that you do not.