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Science, in particular, these rules, such as physics, chemistry, biology and other sciences, deals with the study of the measurement and understanding of natural phenomena, which is based on the use of modern technologies. For additional information about the results of scientific and technological developments that greatly affects your way of life and affects our lives. The following resources to learn more about the fascinating world of science and technology. Even a scientist or you'll find thought-provoking articles, lay, to support the interest. The latest up-to-date Science and technology news.
This section is not only meant the geeks, the newest technologies which make such a rapid pace, introduced to update every day, you see something new on the market, as well as for those who don't know, a lot of knowledge and technology from the society in good and bad consequences, which are considered below. We, perhaps, a little food for thought, God who is perfect and flawless engineering model. human being planned for the competition? It's quite interesting to know how far the human intelligence.
Destruction technologies, creating new jobs, so it's like?
Humanity has evolved very rapidly in recent decades, and the fast paced technological development is proof of this fact. But there is a high level of unemployment, which was witnessed by many countries and as a result of this conclusion? For example, suppose that the best of this opinion.

Now the technological innovations that can perform, and create a robot to give the order. If not, I'm wrong, now, even the most robot girlfriend, then you are not able to find the perfect woman. You remember that cartoon presentation "the Jetsons"? Now, and then make sure to make a flying car, and Rosie the robot futuristic animated kids show! It is one of the world, Hanna-Barbera deliberately portrayed it shows that in the future. Everything is automated. Sounds exciting, but it does not become a new rival technology so that, in order to score a job? It can be.

The machine may be the man to replace or create a wider split the work, the number of available places and the number of candidates, among them. Now the machines and the people their jobs pose a threat to the established technology. They were supposed to make life easier for you. But obviously they live employers, so easy, now you don't need a lot of human resources.

Technology is ruining employment opportunities?

The world is globalizing rapidly industrializing and everywhere. All countries have the Centrino is a new technology. Every day just trying to have never not to imagine the technology and the creation of its kind, however, that it is possible that 10 years ago. New Auto technology is fast becoming a world of accelerating unemployment, reason number one in the world. Or perhaps not. In this case, for example, is
In the 1950s, the automotive industry in the sector of the city was prosperous and x for employment, including the vast majority of African-Americans. Respectable jobs in this sector were well paid and even benefits. However, this may lead to changes in the line of automation technology. As a result, many workers in the industry and all the other car plants across the country, home to the city of futótûzként phenomenon. This city, who once was ranked in the top five, including the largest city in the country, more than 2 million people, located in the story. It's "Motor City", in automotive history.

Outsourcing technology reduces the room for human error is almost zero. Add to the benefits that the mechanism not fatigue complaints and receive mail. Efficient and reduces training costs, expenses and multifariously increases pace. You do not know technology companies will soon receive all get new BFF. Falls below trend for these industries, food industry, agriculture, education, oil refinery and plants for the public sector.

Technology has increased employment?

Also, in contrast to the effect that helped the goods on the progress of technology and in the preparation of such a high level, more work to increase the level of output. This significantly improved the level of employment. This theory is rejected technology and a true health policies, unemployment. According to this theory is supported by technology, can lead to change, however, the composition of employment does not cause any adverse effects and leads to the absorption of workers in other sectors. Citing the example of evidence of telecommunications. Mobile phone production Services network and the Internet.