Human Individual Power

No small role in today's anger plays in conflicts, such as the Middle East, Southeast Asia, North-South issue, etc. These conflicts arise from the inability to understand each others ' humanness. The answer is not development and greater use of military force or arms race. It's also not just political or purely technological. As a matter of principle, spiritual in the sense that it is necessary to the understanding of our common human that is sensitive to the situation.Unable to get hate and fight against anyone, even the winners of the happiness of fighting. Violence always produce misery and, therefore, is the essence of counter-productive. This is the time to learn how to overcome differences in race, culture and ideology and others through the eyes of ordinary people, taking into account the world leaders. Finally, it would be useful for individuals, communities, countries and the world at large.

Most of the world-tensions seems to derive from Eastern Europe or ' conflict in the Western bloc, which had lasted since the second world war. To describe these two blocks have a tendency to see each other quite light. Continue the fight against unwarranted, due to their mutual affection and respect for other members of society. These Eastern bloc should reduce their hatred towards the West-the EU has since Western-EL also consists of trafficking in human beings — men, women and children. As well as the West-the EU should reduce their hatred is towards Eastern Europe, Eastern Europe, as well as human trafficking. Such a reduction is the mutual hatred, both leaders have an important role to play in a powerful blocks. But especially leaders must understand their humanness and other parts of the body. Without this basic realization, it is possible to achieve very little organized hate reduction.

For example, if the head of the United States and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, the head of the Centre of the island ravaged suddenly met each other, I'm sure they do not adhere to one another on its own initiative, if members of your community. But mutual suspicion and misunderstanding the wall separating them from the moment they are identified by the US President and Secretary general of the USSR). More extended informal human contact, without any scheme would improve mutual understanding; they would have to learn from each other as human beings and attempt to this memorandum of understanding, on the basis of international problems. No parties, especially the history of type differences, they can negotiate with the fertile atmosphere, hatred and mutual suspicion.

I suggest that world leaders will meet about once a year in beautiful places without business just getting to know each other as human beings. Then later, they meet to discuss bilateral and global issues. I'm sure many others share your wish world leaders meet at the Conference table on the basis of frequency-environment of mutual respect and understanding of each others ' humanness.

Better the world at large a personal contact, I would like to see greater international encouragement of tourism activities. Mass media in a democratic society, in particular, you can also make a significant contribution to world peace by giving more coverage to human interest elements that reflect mankind's ultimate oneness. With regard to some of the major powers in the international arena, the role of international organizations, humanitarian aid, since it is not possible to avoid and neglected. I hope that it will improve, and that all international organisations, in particular the United Nations is actively and effectively to ensure maximum benefits in promoting international understanding reasons and against humanity. Tragic if someone actually continue members of institutions as the United Nations of the world to abuse their unilateral interests. The UNITED NATIONS must become a tool for world peace. This world body must be respected by all, that the United Nations is the only source of hope to the peoples of the small oppressed and thereby also the entire planet.

All countries economically dependent on each other more than ever, human understanding of the cross and the wider international community. In fact, if we can create it in good faith, that does not derive from the use of force or threatened, but in an environment of mutual understanding of the world's problems in my heart. If people are poorer countries they want to and deserve happiness, they will naturally be happy and rich. If people don't want to impose unwanted social, political and cultural forms, the achievement of world peace in doubt. But when we meet people heart-to-heart level, be sure to come to peace.

Each State party shall have the right to be happy and peoples must equal concern for the well-being of its peoples, even the smallest.