The United Nations trust fund for human security (UNTFHS) finances projects undertaken by organizations of the United Nations system, and, where appropriate, in partnership with non-UNITED NATIONS entities to advance operational impact of the human security concept. UNTFHS places priority on the promotion of intersectoral and inter-agency integration based on the comparative advantage of the applying organizations and through their cooperation. Projects are distributed globally, with priority for countries and regions where insecurity of people most critical and pervasive, such as the least developed countries (LDCS) and countries in conflict.

Activities supported by the UNTFHS

1. Targeting people and situations

The following list is indicative and not exhaustive. UNTFHS must place priority on projects that address more than one item from the following situations and must pay special attention to the special needs and vulnerabilities of women and children.

Protecting people in conflict situations, which are exposed to physical violence, discrimination, exclusion and if destitute situation mainly arise out inequalities in treatment.
Supporting and empowering refugees, internally displaced persons (IDPs), economic migrants and others on the road. Special attention should be given the socio-economic impact on the displaced and their host communities.
Protecting and empowering people in conflict situations and in the transition from war to peace through the integration of humanitarian and development assistance; Disarmament, demobilization and reintegration (DDR);reconciliation and coexistence; and other processes. These activities will also contribute to preventing a recurrence of conflicts.
Realized the minimum standard of living, including assisting community-level efforts to establish mechanisms to protect people who are exposed to extreme poverty, sudden economic downturn and natural disasters.
Increase health care and service coverage for those whom other initiatives have not reached successfully.
Improve educational opportunities, especially for girls that emphasizes primary education (including the emphasis on safe school environment and respect for diversity).
UNTFHS can also support projects to promote and disseminate the human security concept and deepen its understanding and acceptance on a global scale, while the refrain from supporting research-oriented proposals. These projects should also contribute to the formulation of specific projects and action-oriented initiatives to address specific human security challenges.