Human Philosophy


Philosophy is the oldest type of study system and academic institutions. The modern discipline involving the study of truth or principle for all our knowledge, is, and practical and critical review of Basic. Religion is a complex phenomenon, but the definition or a summary. Multiple definitions and theories on religion which, as the author wrote about the three different approaches might be taken in the academic study of religion: a phenomenological approach to history, and the behavior or social sciences. Explore some of the methods and carry out your own queries by using the links below.

The concept of human development

The concept of Panckosi (five-lined) human resources development towards perfection, which is an important position in the Upanisadic thought. This year's class structure of human personality underlines the growing mental and spiritual places increased from purest form body smooth end of self-confidence. This structure describes the steps on the path from animal to human minds with perfection where they identify with the existence of universal mind and unity of all creation. There is no known way to perfection, of course, need to know how to follow this path.
TAM is the practical solution of Yoga the way to achieve this goal. Knowledge and practices meet to succeed.

Street Yoga

Movement of an eye organ Center Operations Center is the first step (movement of Annamaya to Prananmaya). Here, an attempt to give you all the action for Supreme power apart from the fruits of his actions. He worked for necessary actions in the physical realm existence. Desired results in action to improve relations with a sense of individuality.

Leave the fruits of action

By renouncing fruits of his actions, he moved from individual to universal consciousness, consciousness is a step in the right direction towards spiritual growth. This will help him to reduce his ego involvement with other people's way of thinking preferences for themselves. Each movement of the mind based on the universally good wishes for the step when the spirit. In the spirit is the Jivatma with Paramatma essence of spirituality. In layman's terms, that meant shedding personality and Join individually with the universal self. Altruistic Act that helps achieve through the implementation of actions in the material world. The amount of say that when you perform an action, not a link to what I do. Sees itself as part of the Universal will require action to survive life.

Altruistic action & Patanjali Yoga's eight times

When the law is guilty of a selfless way, increase the quality of the Act would automatically. This will increase both in the context of the individual and society. This required much improvement in behaviour is a common theme in most religions; can be a part of Sila or Yama and Pratyahara Patanjali Yoga eight.

Purification of human emotional personality

The next step is sanctification emotional human personality (manomaya Ingilizce Sozluk movement of) through controlling the mind. Level of mind, including desire and emotions, purity through a process of focused thinking for a moment, the process by which the mind wander neglected and concentrate fully applied to the object in focus. This means that your attention fully on an ideology to override all others. Bhakti and meditation associated with this process purifies the mind and develop the ability to give full attention to anything you can think to do. This is the early stages of Samadhi where one can move in turn from the external input, and focus on the idea or image.