The Six Human Needs

Tony Robbins has identified six basic needs of human beings and believes all is — or can be — is motivated by love desire to meet these needs.

You should consider these needs, when you calculate the developing and delivering products and services to users. Ask the question, "what needs or needs does the product meet my client?"

1. in the interests of legal certainty and comfort. We all want our comfort. And a lot of this from the comfort of certainty. Of course, is not an ABSOLUTE certainty, but we want to start the car, water faucet when you connect to the stream hankkijayrityksestä and we will use the value of the currency to keep it.

2. a variety. We do not want the certainty, at the same time, we crave variety.Paradoxically, there is a need for enough uncertainty about the culinary and adventure in our lives.

3. in the matter. Deep down, all we want to be important. We want our life is for, and importance. I imagine anything worse than you can think of in my life is not a matter of death.

4. Connection and love. It would be difficult to argue against the need for love.We want to feel part of the community. We want to be pending and while they wait for the data.

5. the growth. Could be some people who say they do not want to grow, but I think that they are simply frightening — or who may not be the case. To become better, to improve our skills, stretches, and Excel can be more clearly in some of the others, but it exists.

6. participation in. We want to contribute something of value — to help the other to make the world a better place than we found with all of us.

Measures For The
Evaluate better understand their own motivaatioita and to examine what appear to be most relevant to you on the list. Then, what does meet the other needs. It probably does what and how you can do what you can make a difference. It should also make a way to describe and explain what you and your product can make a difference.